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Computerized Dentistry

Cerec Technology

Cerec machines have reformed dental veneers innovation, to make and set immaculate veneers in one short session!

Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic is pleased to provide you our new Cerec CAD CAM machine.

Using this innovation, we can treat your tooth in few minutes with any sort of reclamation. In around 60 minutes, chipped and stained teeth can be repaired by porcelain crowns without the need for any impressions. The most important in using the Cerec Cad Cam is to remove the unattractive silver fillings (Amalgam).

How does this CEREC technology work?

CEREC is about creating and fit a crown for your tooth ! Finish your inlay/ onlay in a single visit!
Your tooth is initially prepared to fit a crown or a veneer. As of right now, as opposed no need for "dental putty" to take an impression of your teeth, a computerized impression is taken using an exceptional 3Dcamera. This picture is then changed over into a 3D model which is using as a manual for configuration your new reclamation. When we are content with the recently planned tooth, this information is sent to an on location processing machine, which manufactures your new tooth from a top notch earthenware square. When the crown has been processed, and finished . Your new reclamation will then be established into spot.

Advantages of Cerec made Restorations:

There are a few points of interest for using CEREC :

  • Everything is done in a single visit
  • Your dental specialist is in complete control of the last result
  • No impermanent reclamations

  • What is the contrast between traditional veneers and Cerec ?
    Typically, porcelain veneers are applied at least in two visits ,in between an impression is taken and sent to the lab for and temporary crowns .

    Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic headed by Dr. Habib Zarifeh is one of the best dental centers in Lebanon and middle east that have put resources into CAM/CAD innovation!

    Cerec Prepless veneers

    Cerec Prepless Veneers gives you a flawless smile. They are ultra-thin that can be put straightforwardly over existing teeth without have a root canal treatment.

    Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic is one of the first centers in the Middle East that offer Cerec Prepless veneers. Our principle objective is the conservation of characteristic solid tooth structure utilizing the latest as a part of dental innovation.

    What are the benefits of Cerec CAD CAM Dentistry?
    With CAD CAM Dentistry by Cerec, our patients will have the benefit to finish their treatment in a solitary visit, at the Dental Clinic Lebanon , and one of the advantages of the very stylish and dependable, strong well- fitted reclamations.

    What is so extraordinary about CEREC prepless Veneers?
    Like LUMINEERS, CAD/CAM Prepless Veneers are simply one more way that make dental care as moderate as could be allowed !

    • No impressions,
    • No temporaries,
    • No Numbing,
    • No Drilling of your teeth

    Miscreant CAM Zirconium Crowns

    CEREC CAD CAM developed by Sirona, Germany's world most exceptional and generally using CAD CAM as a part of dentistry to provide you metal free Ceramics and Zirconia prostheses.

    Zirconia edge lives up to expectations for Ceramic Prostheses (Metal-Free Ceramic Bridges) can be processed for brilliant Crowns!

    The BLUE CAM camera coordinated in our dental center is utilized to take an exact photo of the readied tooth with no human error exchanged and showed on a shading PC screen.

    At that point CADCAM assumes control and makes the reperation while the patient holds up. The Milling Machine creates the work in minutes.

    CEREC Zirconia crowns known with their natural shape ,high quality,exactness (No human error) and long term solidness than traditional materials.