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What are Lumineers?
A Lumineer is a unique sort of ultra-slim lenses, produced by Cerinate , exceptionally solid and tough, porcelain material. They are frequently alluded as contact lenses for your teeth, as they can be just 0.3 mm thick. Lumineers are only made at the Cerinate Smile Design Studio in the United States , Santa-Maria - California

What makes the difference between Dental Clinic Lebanon and other practices that give LUMINEERS?

Ferrari Dental Clinic is the Exclusive Official Provider for LUMINEERS in Lebanon. How you can benefit ? The accessibility to give the LUMINEERS by Cerinate in 6 days and to give you a 5 years global guarantee from the Cerinate labs in the USA.

The Lumineers Procedure:
Lumineers are thin to the point that they can be stuck to a current tooth or teeth without the need to first drill your teeth structure (like conventional finishes require). This settles on the decision to choose Lumineers a less harming strategy than other porcelain veneers.
The procedure to apply Lumineers is snappy and easy. Just two short visits are obliged one to take the impression form and select the shade you want, and after that another session to cement the Lumineers after 6 buisness days.
Lumineers offer wonderful, permanent white teeth whose shading won't dull or blur after some time and that magnificence ought to most recent 20 years or more! With Lumineers you get:

  • An effortless strategy
  • Forever white results that last
  • A brisk and simple procedure
Lumineeers offer a speedy and simple answer for grin upgrade. Whether your teeth are severely recolored, stained, screwy, broken, deformed, or you need to cover other dental defects like expands, or recharge old crowns and scaffold work without evacuating g them, Lumineers will help you accomplish a lovely smile!

Could all dental practitioners offer Lumineers?
Not every nonessential dental specialist offer Lumineers, as they have to be enrolled with the organization that makes them like our head of division Dr. Habib Zarifeh.

Lumineers must be produced using protected Cerinate porcelain, which is not accessible anyplace other than in the Cerinate Smile Design Studio in the States.

Cerec Prepless veneers

Cerec CAD/CAM Prepless Veneers are changing nonessential dentistry!
Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic is one of the first facilities in the Middle East that offer Cerec Prepless veneers. Our primary concern is the protection of normal natural tooth structure utilizing the latest as a part of dental innovation.

Like LUMINEERS, CAD/CAM Prepless Veneers are simply one more way that we make dental care as progressive as could reasonably be expected!

The BIG contrast is that these Veneers are arranged utilizing the CAD CAM Technology which implies that after teeth planning, a 3D impression is taken and the polishes are arranged utilizing the progressive CEREC/ CAD CAM Technology.

  • No impressions,
  • No temporaries,
  • No Numbing,
  • No Drilling of your teeth,

The procedure of planning the shade of the finishes is administered by your specialist the entire time. The outcome is a to a great degree exact, common looking, strong reclamation!
Cerec Prepless Veneers are an energizing, generally better approach for giving you an impeccable grin!

Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers - Get another grin in ONE session!
Composite finishes are utilized to enhance the shading, shape, size and composition of teeth to make them look perfect. The treatment can be finished in only one visit. To make composite polishes, composite material is cemented to the front surfaces of the teeth .

Our waterlase MD Turbo, the first laser in Europe and the Middle East give our one of a kind method for composite lacquers position with NO Anesthesia, No Drill and almost No Pain.

Each individual is one of a kind and has an alternate tooth shape, smile line and symmetry, an accomplished dental specialist like Dr. Habib Zarifeh head of Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic will consider every one of these variables when making composite finishes thusly, to accomplish common looking composite lacquers your dental practitioner must have a creative energy and the specialized aptitudes needed to do this sort of treatment.

Teeth bleaching

Your smile is one of the first thing that everyone notice it about you. Are you a smoker? Do you drink espresso or pop? Has age done its occupation on your teeth and you've started to notice a staining to the polish of your teeth?

Teeth brightening is the speediest technique that will help you to remove yellow and searing of the teeth and return them to the delightful cold white before the pop, the cigarettes, and other factors that cause stains.

This procedure is simple, and can be finished in only one session!

Results can be seen quickly!

Benefits of teeth brightening:
Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic provides you with the best dental treatments like brightening innovations from Laser teeth brightening to Beyond and Sapphire whitening advances. Our team will give you a protected, solid, fast and, advantageous results.

Past Polus whitetening System: Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic is the number one center in Lebanon and the Middle East that use Beyond Polus Teeth Whitening.

The Beyond Polus has been granted a few awards from industry driving powers, and it holds the most stringent consistence confirmations, including:

Sapphire brightening System: The sapphire dying framework is one of the speediest and best proficient brightening arrangements available. Sapphire tooth fading system can work for pretty much anybody. It is clinically demonstrated to brighten teeth 10 shades. Nook Mat supplier of the Sapphire framework has been driving the path in tooth fading innovation since 1974 and its the same supplier of LUMINEERS.

LaserSmile from biolase: The LaserSmile framework gives you a quick and viable whitening for a perfect smile only in one visit! The treatment time of BIOLASE laser dentistry is short it just takes 24 minutes to own your white Smile , and results are promptly evident.

Now don't hesitate to visit Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic and enjoy the whitening techniques !!